Sunday, April 4, 2010

RV reupholstering

The kitchen table cushions in our 80s-era recreational vehicle need reupholstering. I am going to use vinyl for the cap and side pieces. Here's a photo of what I mean, but this particular photo is not from our RV.

We thought about changing the colour scheme but for now we are going to keep with the gray upholstery. As it happened I had some gray of the same shade already.

Here is a photo of my progress so far. I used a stiletto or awl to loosen the staples and needle-nose pliers to remove them. I used the existing upholstery as my pattern for the new vinyl pieces. Observing how the flap pieces were folded, I copied that and stapled the vinyl over. I kept the upholstery foam because it was in OK shape and I didn't want to bother with replacing it.

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